jefferson food drive

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Jefferson has donated over 50 food boxes to families in their community.

Donations came in from members of the community, staff and other donations.
Despite the hard work that often includes holding more than one job, many families are appreciative of the support. The needs of our community members continue to grow.  With the holiday season approaching, this adds additional pressure on some community members. 

“We focused on the specific needs of families so that we can better cater to them” mentioned Ms. Argentina, ENL Teacher. Jefferson teachers, social workers and psychologists called parents to ask them about specific wants and needs. The most popular being spices, rice and dried beans.

"The pandemic really hurt us as a community," said Ms. Brea, ENL teacher at Jefferson. “We know families could use a little help and we reached out to others in our community to help us”.

Some of the donations were graciously donated by the New Rochelle Presbyterian church who donated things like potatoes, turkeys, chicken among other things. What is food without the spice? Burlap and Barrel, whose spices are single-origin sourced directly from small
farms around the world, donated cinnamon, black pepper and cobanero chili from Guatemala.

“Thanksgiving is a time of abundance and a time when we are meant to be thankful for all that we have and sharing it with people in our community is the right thing to do” mentions Mrs. Terry, ENL teacher.

“We want to show gratitude by sharing it with others” Jefferson’s social worker, Ms. Mendez, “we are all about caring for our community”.