Learning and Social Emotional Resources

Distance Learning Well Being

During the time that the Jefferson Elementary School is closed, we would like to ensure that our community are aware of the following supports and programs, as well as community-based mental health resources: Be mindful that children and teens will take their lead from us, the responsible grown-ups in their lives,  on how worried they should be. Modeling calm and good practices can go a long way in ensuring our children feel safe. For some of our children who may not be able to critically analyze the information presented, it is important to monitor how much they are overhearing (including news reports). Maintaining an open dialogue on things going on in the world and in their life is a good practice for all ages. Periodic “check-ins” with your children on how they are feeling and coping is important- don't assume they will always know how to come to you to discuss concerns or fears. Please keep in contact with us so that we can be of continued support for your children too.